Testimonial 3

John was the successful winner of our $1 Reserve Trade Me Auction for a 2002 Suzuki Swift done 60,000 Km which sold for $4,610. John was kind enough to agree to the video testimonial. Thank you very much John, we hope you enjoy your purchase

Testimonial 2

Vini found us on Trade Me, saw our Dion going through the Auction with a $1 Reserve. He watched the 90 second car review video and was happy enough with my description to purchase this car sight unseen. Please watch the video to see what he thought. Thanks, Chris. The Dion was sold for $4,550.

Testimonial 1

Daniel purchased this 2001 Nissan Primera done 117,000 Km from us through the $1 Reserve Auction we ran. It was very kind of him to let us film his comments. Thanks Daniel, and congratulations on your purchase, as Daniel found out, it was a very cheap car, sold for $6,550.